ON SALE NOW!! In the Alabama Veterans Museum's Gift Shop & in Pablo's On Market bookstore, "DUTY" the long awaited second book by Athens' local author Jerry Barksdale.


Once again, Barksdale takes readers inside the everyday lives of ordinary soldiers before they meet what could be the greatest challenges of their young lives. As in "When Duty Called," Barksdale wants his readers to know these young men intimately. He wants readers to worry with their families and feel the anguish of their looses and experience the full scope of their sacrifices to keep our land free.



He introduces you to their lives on the farm and in small-town Athens, Alabama, before they board the Greyhound in the morning for the first leg of a journey into the unknown, whether the beaches of Normandy, the gut-gnawing hunger of a Korean POW camp or the killing fields of Vietnam.


As in Barksdale's full circle style of storytelling, he follows young warriors, when and if they return from the fields of battle, and rejoin their community to become productive citizens, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers. But forever, the memory of the callow boy who went off to do his duty and returned a man will remain.

Purchase your copy at the Museum for $25.00 and a portion of the proceeds will go to support the museum.


To contact Jerry for your personally autographed copy of Duty, call 256-998-0048.

Jerry will be having a book signing on September 3rd at the Alabama Veterans Museum after Coffee Call at 9:AM. He will also be signing books at Pablo's On Market on September 10th from 10:AM-2:PM.