How Many Birthday Cards Did Donya Receive?

For the viewers who read my request back in August, for birthday cards to be sent to Donya Frost for her 50th birthday, I have an update.

If you remember Donya received cards for her 40th birthday to which she was sent over 1000. Well, fifty is nifty - Donya received over 1700 cards this year.

I received an email from Donya's mother where she said, "To date Donya has received 1,721 birthday cards. About 70 of those were musical cards. There were very few duplicates, which was amazing. She still gets one or two nearly every day. It was a wonderful birthday for her". She continued by saying how much she appreciated the thoughtfulness of everyone who made Donya's 50th birthday so very special.

Mrs. Frost included a birthday photo of her daughter for me to share. I too, would like to thank the kindness of everyone who took the time to send Donya a card. The kindness of strangers helped boost the spirits and life of a very special lady.

Teresa Todd
October 7th, 2010

 Send Wishes for a Happy 50th Birthday to Donya Frost!

Donya will be 50 years old on August 18. When Donya was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome, we were told she would never walk, never talk, never be toilet trained. We were told she would not live more than 20 years. We were told to put her in an institution and forget her because we had three children who shouldn't be burdened with her presence. Fifty years ago retarded children were hidden in attics and cellars and dismal institutions. We couldn't do that to our precious child. Because of Donya and the parents of other children like her, education and services are now provided for many of our handicapped people.

Today Donya is able to do everything for herself. She does her own cooking, cleaning and washing clothes. She gets herself up every morning and gets ready to go to work at the Birdie Thornton Center, a sheltered workshop in Athens, Alabama. She makes about $25 a week and can't wait to cash that big check and do a little shopping. She understands money and likes to save it.

She loves going to Sunday School and Church at the Clements Baptist Church every Sunday with Miles and Susan, her brother and his wife. She truly understands the Joy of God. She loves shopping for clothes with Ken and Diane, another brother and his wife. Eric and Margaret, her third brother and his wife, are planning a slide show of her life to show at her birthday party this year. She loves her brothers and all the rest of our family. She has never been the burden we were told she would be. We have been blessed by her presence.

Over the last two years, Donya has lost 40 pounds on Nutrisystem. She walks a half mile every day (one way) to our mail box, rain or shine, with her dog, Boots. She is obsessed with the mail and so happy when something is addressed to her.

I sent an e-mail out when Donya was 40 asking friends to share it with everyone they knew. Thanks to all of you, Donya received over 1,000 cards from every state and 11 foreign countries. It took hours to read every word on every card for two weeks until her birthday. And she knew if I tried to skip a word! I promised her we would do it again when she was 50. This is the year and I'm asking you please to do it again for Donya.

To send a birthday card:
Donya Frost
22842 Stinnett Hollow
Athens, AL 35614

And please share my letter with everyone on your distribution lists or Facebook or your church or anybody else you can think of.

You will make Donya so happy. We will be so grateful.

Love & Blessings!
Donya's mother

Thank you Marianna for allowing me and AthensPlus to share this amazing lady's life and be a small part of her birthday joy!

My wish for Donya is to continue on her path of independence and of keeping herself healthy. I hope Donya has the best of all birthdays, 50 is a great number!

With Love and Care,

Teresa Todd
August 12th, 2010