Alabama Center for the Art Announces Call to Artists

Alabama Center for the Art Announces Call to Artists


DECATUR, Ala. - The Alabama Center for the Arts in Decatur announces a call to artists for a show of works following the theme, CIVILITY.

In light of a seemingly increasing violent culture, as evidenced by recent public bombings, campus shootings, and virulent school bullying from the elementary grades through higher education, many public figures call for Americans to pledge to a new civility. The collaborative Calhoun and Athens State art center plans to follow that lead with an innovative showing of works of local artists.

“We ask that artists explore the meaning of civility and express their findings through art,” explains Center Director Dr. Mary Beth Johns.  “They need to ask themselves what civility means to them, what role can art play in it, what the relationship is between civility and civilization, how can civility be measured, and so on.”

The CIVILITY show will feature a collection of images that reflect on, perpetuate, and inspire a new cultural dialogue in the spirit of cooperation and sense of community.  Submissions can represent diverse mediums and styles. The show is an exhibition only and none of the art pieces will be available for purchase during its exhibition. 

Johns adds, “The purpose of the exhibit is to create an intelligent and compassionate dialogue about the issues outlined in the original call.”

The show is limited to works in 5” x 7” dimensions.  They must be ready to hang and no work that might be deemed in offence of Athens State University Policy will be included.  In the case of mixed media or relief work; No art should protrude from the 5" x 7" surface more than 2 inches and any work may not weigh more than 2 pounds.   Artwork must have the name of the artist, title of the work, medium, contact phone and email secured to the back of the art.   

Artwork should be received no later than June 30th at the Alabama Center for the Arts, either by mail or hand delivery.   The show will remain on exhibit until September 30. The dates and times of the show will be announced after the artwork is received. 

There will be no pick-up of art from the Alabama Center for the Arts when the show is over, but art may be mailed back to the artist should they wish by including a self-addressed stamped mailer.

Mailed artwork should be mailed to Dr. Mary Beth Johns, Athens State University, 300 N. Beaty Street, Athens, AL 35611.  For more information  call 256-260-4291.



Guy McClure


 April 26, 2013





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